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To First Look…or not to First Look?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

North Beach Miami Wedding Photographer

THAT is the question!

And to be honest, just like with most other decisions you’ll have to make when planning your Miami wedding - there is no one right answer - because this is YOUR big day!

As we’ve learned from photographing weddings in Miami over the years, every wedding is beautiful and special in it’s own way, with its own unique traditions and unforgettable moments.

But, with that being said…these Miami wedding photographers do have just a couple reasons why you might want to say “I Do” to a First Look!

Our Top 5 Reasons to Say “I Do” To a First Look - from an award-winning Miami Wedding Photographer

Wedding day photos with a first look… Wedding day photos without a first look. We’ve done them all. But here’s our TOP 5 reasons why a First Look should be your first priority!

1) More YOU Time

Your Miami wedding day may be 10 hours long, but believe it or not, it will be over in the blink of an eye! With 2-3 hours of getting ready, 1 hour for the ceremony, 1 hour for cocktails, and plenty of time to party, you and your partner don’t actually get too much alone time, together…ironic isn’t it?

You spend all this money, do all this preparation to celebrate your union, and yet…when will you have time to enjoy it? Just the two of you?

Well, that’s Reason #1 these Miami wedding photographers recommend a first look! Get your gorgeous couples photos out of the way early in the day, so that you can take cocktail hour to relax, kick off your heels, and enjoy some delicious food in your loved one’s arms. In fact, on our own wedding day, we locked the door to the bridal suite and took 30 minutes just for us!

Something you’ll only be able to do if you don’t have scheduled photos during that time.

2) A Cherished, Private Moment

Let’s play out two scenarios. Scenario A.

It’s time for your first look. You’ve got pre-ceremony jitters in your stomach. Your spouse-to-be is just in front of you, facing the other way. You hold your breath and tap them on the shoulder.

Your eyes meet. You both smile. For the first time today, on your wedding day, you see them. You really see them. You fall in love all over again. Is anyone else even watching? Are photos even being taken? You don’t know. You don’t care. You’re walking on cloud 9 with the love of your life. And your professional Miami wedding photographer is able to capture it all, in genuine, real time.

Scenario B. It’s just after the ceremony. It’s getting a little bit dark outside. You want to take time to start greeting and thanking guests but you’ve got photos to do. You walk with your partner and mom rushes up, making a fuss about your hair and makeup and how your veil is falling.

You squint through the crowd to try and find your maid of honor…did she remember she has to come to these photos too? “Psst! Smile at the camera” mom reminds you. “Oh right!” You stare at the lens and smile…or at least you try to… but it's so hard with all the hors d'oeuvres being passed around behind the photographer… Did you even eat anything this morning? Or just have a few mimosas…?

Get where we’re going with this? A private first look moment is not only more enjoyable for you, but it also allows your professional Miami wedding photographer to capture real emotional moments that you’ll want to cherish forever.

3) You’ll Still Look Picture Perfect

Let’s be honest- you want to imagine that your beach wave hairstyle will flawlessly live on forever, and that you won’t sweat off one molecule of your makeup on your gorgeous Miami wedding day! …But the reality is, the earlier in the day your wedding photographer takes your couples photos, the more pristine you’ll look.

Especially if you foresee crying some tears during ceremony time!

So please, if not just for the sake of your hair and make-up, say “I Do” to a first look!

4) Better Photo Coverage

Okay, this one is truly from the perspective of a professional wedding photographer, but we’ll share it with you, just so you can see where we’re coming from. Think of it like this: if the first time your spouse-to-be sees you is from all the way down the aisle, aka: 30 feet away; it’s very unlikely that both of your facial expressions will be caught in the same shot.

And while you still might get some heartwarming photos this way of each of your expressions, it’s nowhere near as memorable as a first look photo, where both expressions can be captured by your Miami wedding photographer at once!

5) No One Has to Play Mom

After the ceremony - unless you have a VERY timely bunch - you’re gonna lose some people. This one needs a drink and that one’s gotta go change a diaper… AKA: chaos ensues.

So our final moral of the story? The calmest way to get all those family photos done is before the ceremony, when everyone is in one place, still looking picture-perfect, and full of those pre-ceremony butterflies.

Whether your question is first look related or otherwise, drop it down below! We love getting to know our couples better and helping you plan the wedding of your dreams!

And please, let us know in the comments below… Where do you weigh in on this debate? To first look, or to not first look?

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